The Journey Of An Entrepreneur: Masterclass Moments at 22 On Sloane

Experience 16 moments, from bite-sized to snack-sized, curated from my masterclass presented at 22 On Sloane, Africa’s biggest startup campus. Click HERE for more information on my startup coaching services.

#1 ACT Introduction & A River Invitation

#2 Startups Keep Their Eye On This Ball

#3 Startup Story: Eagle and Tortoise

#4 Fifty Shades of Entrepreneurship

#5 The Two Cs In Every Human …

#6 Follow The Saint Of The Arts

#7 A Tale of Two Canvases

#8 Look At Your Life: Masters & Students

#9 The BMC Makes Business Beautiful

#10 StartupStory: Mirrors & Windows

#11 Q&A: Cross-border Pricing

#12 #StartupPoetry: Emptiness by Rumi

#13 Build Your Market In The Gap

#14 StartupStories: Mpho and Johan

#15 Let’s Cross I’s and Dot T’s

#16 Nasrudin bathes: The Best Business Plan

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