GiG* Your Inspiration

[*Grow in Gratitude]

Keynote speaking engagements

On the wings of story, I aim to inspire my audiences to Grow in Gratitude. My grand-pa djembe drum and ukulele accompany my stories, bringing a distinct African flavour and rhythm to the narrative, in concert with the exuberance of the ukulele. I use universal truths contained in well-told stories to frame my message.

What stories will I select for your keynote engagement? The Half-Girl? The Rabbi and the Clown? The Businessman who didn’t know? The erratic King? The Guitar-maestro and the Guard? The Couple who split the Earth?
Who knows … What I will say beforehand, though, is that I will engage in conversation with you, before my address, to ensure I am in touch with your aims.

I love to bring serious messages with a light and humorous touch. As a creative performer, I commit to inspiring your audience with a message of substance + healthy take-aways.

And 3, 2, 1 …

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