GiG* & 4IR** Your Business/Organisation

[*Grow in Gratitude | **4th Industrial Revolution-ready]

Main Theme: Growing Businesses & Organisations In Gratitude


Businesses and organisations grow when every individual plays his/her part, in concert, from the cleaners to the leaders. Advances in technology set the stage for humanity to flourish.

Businesses and organisations (non-profits, academia, etcetera) are built by teams who strive to develop people, care for Nature, and grow their financial means. Teams are built by individuals. Individual lives represent the ultimate developmental frontier, in terms of leadership and learning, in concert with the embrace of technology.

If you are a leader, manager and/or life-long learner in business or an organisation, this inspirational, constructive conversation, is for you.


The objectives of the workshop are to enhance participants’ ability to:

  • + Grow character, competence and technological synergy, as individuals, in gratitude.
  • + Grow, as individuals and teams, in businesses and organisations (including non-profits, academia, etcetera).
  • + Develop precise communication skills, focused on results.
  • + Use acceptance of conflict, fears etcetera to inspire learning and action.
  • + Understand and commit to their own values, while taking daily action.

Topics / Ingredients / Buzzwords

Leadership | Learning | Planning | 4IR | Acceptance | Strategy | Sustainability | People+Planet+Profits | Technology | Habits | Commitment | Focus | Influence | Flow | Action | Innovation | Success | Reflection | Gratitude

Program Framework, using the Venture Model Canvas

Day 1* + Individual Growth

I look into the mirror … it becomes a window … then back to a mirror …
Session 1
Intro. Finding common ground. My values. My zone. My gifts.
Session 2
Constant change. Technology & 4IR. The power of language. What I don’t want versus? My #1 chore.
Session 3
Gratitude. Mistakes. My worst enemy. Money and food. Rest and movement. Security and adventure.
Session 4
The Half-Girl. Problem formulation. How do you do’s. The power of networking. To-do list homework.

Day 2* + Business & Organisational Growth

Contribute the best me to the team at Work, Learning and Life. Meaningful Years Day In Day Out.(MYDIDO)
Session 1
A life of negotiation. Conflict management. Problem-solving. Team development.
Session 2
Strategy. Vision. Organisational Development. Technology and 4IR in organisations.
Session 3
Collective vision. Practical action. Team composition.
Session 4
Action. Searching. Questioning. Networking. 4 to 7%

* Programme may be experienced over two full days, 4 half-days, or 90 minutes per day over eight days

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