Strategic Planning Preparation

To develop an integrated, sustainable relationship with people, our planet and cash profits/surpluses, leaders entrusted with strategic development face many challenges.
Whether planning at the executive level, department or project level, strategic planners often act as conductors between the orchestra (organisation) and audience (customers/clients etcetera).

Usually, only a few individuals around the annual strategic planning fireside are ‘fit’ for strategic conversation – i.e. those who regularly operate and think strategically throughout the strategic cycle – which leads to lack of engagement, strategic monologuing, strat planning rubber-stamping, etcetera.

I first activate each individual’s capacity for strategic and operational innovation. This is followed by a round of feedback, conversation and reflection.
Secondly, the individual strategic conversationalists are brought to the main strategic planning conversation (“fireside” or table), where the conversation is guided into the organisation’s main strategic planning narrative.
Thirdly, after feedback, conversation and reflection, I leave said table, trusting that every individual will contribute their best to the greater good of the organisation’s impact in its market.

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