Startup Coaching

Entrepreneurship is one of the beautiful, useful arenas where humanity tangibly brings new ideas to the world, through the marketplace. Most entrepreneurs have a passion to fulfill the needs, solve the problems of fellow humans and/or Mother Nature while making a good living, provide meaningful work to themselves and team members, key external partners, and so on.

I love working with metaphors, in fact, in literary rugby terms, I am an innovative metaphorward!

Let me surprise you: Start-ups should fail, many times, before they launch! This is the opportunity afforded to you when engaging with my startup coaching services. Make your mistakes now, learn, develop a rigorously tested business model, before you launch. Embody your business model. Conclude your first transaction with sufficient, evidence-based confidence, that you are simply laying the first brick in a successful construction project: your business!

Being part of a Dream Team for New Venture Creation

During 2020, I was contracted by the Business School of the University of the Free State, to develop an accessible, innovative New Venture Creation experience. In concert with Deon Barnard, Head of Executive Development, a New Venture Creation experience was designed with the following instruments/tools/ingredients, among others:

Multi-media (video, audio, text, voice-over slides, webinars, activities, face-to-face) content + Bite-sized learning + Micro-learning + Innovation development + Productivity development + Business Model Canvas, by Osterwalder, Pigneur and others (as adapted) + Strategic & inspirational stories + Poetry + Quotes + Visual and word play activities + Reflection, journaling & integration + Networking & value proposition clarification activities + Basic & Advanced business modeling, business planning, financial planning templates

What a joy to keep collaborating on this project, a New Venture Creation short learning program (12 weeks, online or face-to-face), which puts the red-and-blue ball in your court, as startup entrepreneur.

This program will invite, coach, teach and mentor you to keep your eye on the red-and-blue ball:
Firstly, the red side, which represents the unique value proposition that your business brings to your customers/clients, also your joy and fulfilment, and
Secondly, the blue side, which represents your business’ ability to generate cash profits, also your daily victories, small wins which enable you to do more of what you love, which brings you back to the red side of the ball again …

In partnership with the UFS Business School, we’ll coach you online, face-to-face, wherever you need Startup Coaching Services!

Please experience the infographics below, for more about the program. Contact me without delay for more information on program pricing and other practicalities.
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