Brand Discovery

As a pro-am member of The Pun Club on Facebook, I love wordplay like gluten-free pepperoni pizza and dry red wine …
Every startup I coach gifts me an opportunity to inspire, guide or sometimes co-create the birthing of new brands, including
the business’ name and often a logo idea or three,
a startup slogan/strapline framework,
the philosophical/values-based platform aka the Why on which the startup entrepreneur builds her/his future as innovative job-creator.

Mostly my influence is limited to inputs and inspiration as part of the 12-week startup coaching experience, in concert with the UFS Business School.

Sometimes, however I end up becoming a resident strategic storyteller and brand co-architect for a revolutionary cloud accounting and cloud transitionist firm aka my brothers and sisters at Team DOH. Please click on the link below, to experience the creative freedom I have been blessed with by the leadership of DoughGetters Accounting.

Proudly showcasing DoughGetters Accounting, one of my client segments …

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