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As a startup –
growing a sustainable venture, whether business, non-profit, or creative project, you require constant discovery and development of your character and competence to embrace the ever-increasing responsibilities entrusted to you.

To grow is to live. We grow in gratitude as we accept our lives and commit to relationships, work, play, learn, rest and all life has to offer. Our ability to generate joy wherever we are, is greatly enhanced by our willingness to anchor our roots in gratitude.

Are you starting a new venture: business, non-profit or creative project?

  • Build a model for your venture that works (download free template HERE)
  • Decide what shade of entrepreneurship you are comfortable with: Indie pioneer? Social Entrepreneur? Franchise? Intrapreneur? 10% Business? Solo-preneur? Ad hoc creative?
  • Learn by taking ACTION – we are what we repeatedly do
  • Embody the story (venture model) of your venture or project to grow your trusted network of value exchange
  • Grow healthy habits to continuously improve your venture or project: Networking, Communication, Innovation, Resilience, etcetera
  • Learn … make enough mistakes before launching with reasonable confidence
  • Grow in stature, as a responsible, creative citizen of your economy

Clarify your Value Propositions, venture model & ability to generate cash*

*Remind me to tell you the story of The Best Business Plan

Learn more about the New Venture Creation Programme I created with and for the UFS Business School

Articles – Video, Audio & Text

50 Shades of Entrepreneurship for Accounting & Finance Professionals #2: 17 Questions Towards Framing Your Horizons

Welcome to a festival of questions of telescopic and microscopic proportions! Follow the Saint of the Arts (St.Art!) and start walking through these, to start discovering your shade of entrepreneurship.
Next up: From Me to My Market: Me, my (hi)story, character & competence

My name is Werner from 123CY. I inspire authentic innovation & entrepreneurship in fellow humans. I love to use the hashtag #GrowInGratitude

50 Shades of Entrepreneurship for Accounting & Finance Professionals: X Million Shades & My Wish For You

Imagine an organisation as a bus: how versatile are accounting & finance professionals? My wish: social, environmental & economic profits. Can all roles across all sectors be entrepreneurial? My aim with this series: embrace, integrate change entrepreneurially. Next up: Horizons

My name is Werner from 123CY. I inspire entrepreneurship and innovation in fellow humans. I love to use the hashtag #GrowInGratitude

The 123CY Promise

The 123CY promise revolves around constructive, creative conversation.

I honour your story as creative human and professional and meet you where you are on your journey. Always.

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Introducing Werner

Werner Schmidt, founder of 123CY.coach, is a startup coach, brandstormer and creative practitioner (writer, singer-songwriter, storyteller).

He coaches through creative, constructive conversation, motivational speaking engagements and workshops, blending ACT*, NLP*, story coaching (with djembe) and a wide range of strategic and operational experience, since 1994. Discover a startup coaching experience with a difference, by clicking anywhere on this sentence …
[*Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming]

Download Werner’s summarised career journey by clicking this sentence.

He is a registered coach, holds an Honours degree from UNISA and a Master’s Degree from the University of Pretoria.

Husband, father (2 kids, 2 canines), friend, walker, martial arts enthusiast and pro-am member of The Pun Club.

Grow well, from moment to moment

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