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Grow in Gratitude

As an executive –
growing a sustainable business
adding value at work
excelling at university or school –
you are constantly developing your character and competence to embrace the ever-increasing responsibilities entrusted to you.

To grow is to live. We grow in gratitude as we accept our lives and commit to relationships, work, play, rest etcetera. Our ability to generate joy at work, at school, at home, is greatly enhanced by our willingness to anchor our roots in gratitude.

Are you a leader, manager and life-long learner? Get in touch with Werner from 123CY to

  • Plan your business, professional role, learning, life
  • Grow your business, impact at work, university, school
  • Develop precise communication skills – internal and external
  • Improve your productivity through discipline and technology
  • Enhance your practical innovation and problem-solving skills
  • Smoothly transition into new professional and personal roles
  • Grow in stature, as a leader, manager and team member

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Online Coaching Conversations

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The 123CY Promise

The 123CY promise includes coffee (or tea, if you or I feel like it) and constructive conversation.

I honour your story as fellow human and professional and meet you where you are on your journey. Always.

Online. Face-to-face. Wherever you need coaching conversations

Online Coaching Conversations

Introducing Werner

Werner Schmidt, founder of 123CY, is a coach, planner and creative (writer, musician, storyteller).

He coaches through creative, constructive conversation, motivational speaking engagements and workshops, blending ACT*, NLP*, story coaching (with djembe) and a wide range of strategic and operational experience, since 1994.
[*Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming]

He is a registered coach, holds a B.Compt (Hons) from UNISA, an M.Com. from the University of Pretoria, and is a CA(SA).

Husband, father (2 kids, 2 canines), friend, walker and martial arts enthusiast.

Grow well, from moment to moment

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